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one of the most dagerous intersections in landenberg, pa Άνοιγμα

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the problem is on rt 841 trying to cross rt 896, North of rt 841 about 75 to 100 yards is a hill with a built in turn on it. While trying to cross rt 896 from either direction on rt 841 you have to cross your fingers inch out into the road (rt 896) hope for the best and punch the gas peddle. Many times their are cars coming over the hill at the same time your committed into rt 896. The speeds range from 40 to 70 miles an hour on rt 896 so going these speeds coming over the hill and just around 75 to 100 yards until impact it takes your breath away. no deaths yet but several accidents, I understand pen dot or the Franklin township in chester county, PA did a THREE YEAR study of the problem and the result was some flashing lights and those white stripes that are supposed to act like speed bumps were put on the rt 896 north and south bound lanes. So far I believe there has been two more accidents at this intersection since the improvements. WE NEED A FOUR WAY STOP OR A RED LIGHT BEFORE SOMEONE IS KILLED. That's my five minute study and it cost nothing to anyone!!!

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