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I live at the intersection of Willow Avenue and Arc Way. Its a unique intersection with a simple problem.. There are no street markings or signs. This creates the the issue of drivers, cyclist and pedestrians having no guidance or restriction on the many ways to navigate the intersection which in turn creates a chaotic scene in which many times a day there are near misses, beeps and brake screeches. Eventually there will be a tragedy.

This tiny intersection just a few feet from the busy El Camino services dozens of houses, several multi unit buildings, an elementary school, and two churches. At a closer level, there are five driveways and three multi unit garage entrances that directly touch this tiny 60’X120’ triangle of roadway.

Not only does the traffic need to be cautious but residents exiting these large units is cars (Like my family that has weekly near misses) and pedestrians need to be extra cautious as we have no clue what direction the unaware traffic may be coming (again, including us as with a baby stroller). Another concern is that cars quickly accelerate onto willow from the N part of Arc without yielding. Cars approaching from W Willow are not expecting traffic to come unnaturally out of the right side of the road. Finally, Arc way is only 15’ wide and has space for parking but can not support two lanes of traffic as well.

The problems:
Cars travel in both directions on narrow Arc Way at speed
N. section of Arc way has 3 Condo entrances that are blind from both directions.
Residents leaving these exits can not see (or expect) traffic coming from right and struggle from left due to parked cars.
Cars quickly exit the N. Arc Way onto Willow on the incorrect side of the Willow with no yield or stop (very dangerous)
Cars on willow do not yield to pedestrians and are usually in a state of acceleration.
Pedestrians have no distinct crossings at intersections and have wide street with a blind curve.
Parked cars on Willow and Arc obstruct visibility for pedestrians and North Arc way traffic and Condo buildings exits
Adding to issue: Many El Camino multi unit residents the use the back streets for parking all week along with the school, Church traffic is added on holidays and Sundays.
Bonus issue: Center Island is a highly used area for dog waste.

Solution: Convert the triangular intersection into a 2/3rds traffic “circle” with Willow Ave remaining two way and Arc Way N and Arc Way W both becoming one way. (See Diagram)

How? I would leave that up to the professionals however after a few observations and research my opinion would be…

Add a “Keep Right” sign to the island for and “Do not enter” for traffic on Arc toward Willow (see diagram) to prevent traffic from entering willow on the incorrect side of willow where its unexpected.
Add other appropriate signage to to establish the safest traffic pattern. (See diagram)
Add yellow road line markings to set the lanes and flow.(See diagram)
Add white Yield markings and text and signs in road to slow traffic and alert drivers improve safety at intersections.
Add crosswalk to willow and Arc to slow and alert traffic and provide safe crossing for many intersections
Add Signage for pedestrian crossings
“Red Curb” the area and eliminate parking within sections of the “triangle” to improve visibility on blind curves.
Bonus Issue: Add a path and bench to island to make a small parklette or add thick landscaping to prevent dog walkers from using the area as an unsanitary unkempt waste ground.

Having looked at many maps of Burlingame intersections it seems some similar problems have been solved at Linden @ Larkspur and Primrose @ Bellevue intersections.

I really hope you can help the neighborhood safety as we have personally had and witnessed many near misses from cars traveling down Arc in what seems like the “wrong way”. Add to that the added dangers of crossing the roads in this area where cars can not be seen and tend to travel pretty quickly on this tiny road.


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