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The northern exit of New Loudon Plaza onto Cobbee Road is configured so that drivers are only allowed to make Left-Turns onto Cobbee Road heading west.

Every single day, however, hundreds of motorists exiting the plaza who want to turn right (thus disobeying the No Right Turn sign), either drive across the street into the deli parking lot, turn left and then make a U-Turn and then go the opposite direction, or just ignore the sign altogether and turn right even though the exit is curved sharply to the left on purpose.

This afternoon, I happened to be sitting in the plaza parking lot, and counted 23 vehicles which pulled this manoever, only within the time-span of 45 minutes!

This causes confusion and backups on this tiny connecting road, with all the annoyed drivers flying through on Cobbee Road at high speed, and creates a dangerous situation with drivers who insist on turning right, in defiance of the posted No Right-Turn sign.


1) Why is the exit made a Left-Turn Only in the first place, thus forcing all traffic to go onto the already-congested Route 9?

2) Why don't the police monitor this situation, and ticket drivers who ignore the No Right-Turn signs clearly posted at the exit of the plaza?

This issue needs to be corrected at once.


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