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I've reported this multiple times to the land lord and the local Framingham Police about nuisance that's been going on and off ealry in the morning. Nothing was done from the FPD side, and told me to speak to the land lord about the situation; in which I've did more than once. Now the nuisance got out of hand which disrupts other from sleeping. The residents at the two family apartment at 7 highland street seem to be playing music early mornings on the weeks ends, early at 8 -9 am. Also I've caught the polluting (dirty water) multiple times for over a year now. and throwing trash in the back yard which brings pests and other animals. This been reported multiple times and nothing was done from the first report like ive said in the begining.

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Q. Please provide details for your request
A. residents in 7 highland st Upstairs apartment makes constant noise. land lord doesnt do nothing to fix the situation. land lord constaly harrasing other resident including myself. if possible i would like to speak with someone about this.

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