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This issue still lingers and the body of the organization needs solution and the order restored. It is by law that non profit corporations/ organization/ associations need to register and pay a fee yearly to be in order. This corporation needs an authority to instruct them and demand of them to follow the law. If any or the proper law enforcement monitors this issue it will come to our conclusion. As part of the body of Christ I can only do so much, I love Christ and The Church furthermore this is the only reason I report this and the intention driving this report is RESTORATION. I volunteered to pay the eleven years we have been operating revoked (around $2,000) and even after that nobody cares enough to fix this. A prior complaint was investigated but concentrated on the Buissiness banner and sign. The sign is the last of the issue the issue is (illegal and/or unregistered) operation/proceeding of a non profit religious business/corporation. I have attached a picture from the Secretary’s office and corporation database. Although I have chosen anonymous here for the whole community, the directors, agents and ministers of Iglesia Pentecostal y y Misionera Inc. know who is filling this report. I don’t just call it a complaint to them in person I call it a necessity for all our lives. I will not get into preaching how Jesus teaches to be in order when he spoke including the scriptures about give Cesar what is Cesar’s (Taxes and fees) and the scriptures in Romans that ordains to pay all attributes, debts etc. to all government bodies for God’s cause. I am reporting, I am patient and God helps me. I will continue to be part of this body after it is restored completely (also name and international filing changes are coming for this corporation ). The people’s position is when our Lord comes or we go to him we are to be completely restored. It is a restored church what he will come for not one that it’s out of order for 11 years. I am not taking about God coming for this building property, we are the church (humans/souls) he is coming for yet why the building we operate has to be revoked ? I don’t believe in this status of revoked I was not part of that body who allowed the revocation I am who God showed so o can do everything in my power to fix it. Please help! Thank you and God bless you . Have a great day .

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A. Non profit organization failure to legally register business for 11 years

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