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Public Property or Right of Way


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This is an issue concerning the construction of the new pedestrian crossing at TIB/141st. The construction zone has been left in an extremely unsafe condition for pedestrians and drivers. Sidewalk and curb/gutter has been removed. The sidewalk is not properly closed nor has a pedestrian detour been provided (and both sides are being done at the same time). Today I witnessed a gentleman in a power wheel chair traveling around the construction zone in the travel lane of International Blvd (opposite direction of vehicle traffic). Fortunately vehicles saw him and stopped in time but it was very scary for him (and the drivers). I truly hope something can be done about this very quickly before there is a tragedy. Additionally, there is insufficient delineation for the area where the curb/gutter and pavement was removed. The depth of the drop-off is easily 6" and it extends into the travel lane. There are candlesticks placed in the excavation which are not sufficient to keep drivers from accidentally driving into it. I hope this situation is also addressed. Thank you.


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