Abandoned / Inoperative Vehicle Parked on Public Property/Streets Archived

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City of Vallejo


Abandoned / Inoperative Vehicle Parked on Public Property/Streets


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Trailer w/ no registration tags parked on public property. Trailer is on the curb, partially blocking the sidewalk. Please tow immediately as strollers & wheelchairs have no access on this side of the street, causing a danger when pedestrians have to illegally jaywalk to get by.

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Q. **DO NOT REPORT ABANDONED VEHICLES ON SEE CLICK FIX** REPORT ABANDONED VEHICLES DIRECTLY TO THE POLICE DEPARTMENT, TRAFFIC DIVISION The Police Department is responsible for handling all abandoned vehicle reports. The following are approved by the Traffic Division for filing Abandoned Vehicles on Public Property. In order to streamline the process, please choose ONE option to make your report. - Call (707) 648-4682 - Email trafficmobile@cityofvallejo.net - Use the online reporting tool: https://secure.coplogic.com/dors/startreport/100209801/100447901 Please be prepared to provide the following information: - Vehicle make - Vehicle color - License plate number - Location of the vehicle - Info about why the vehicle appears abandoned Currently, there is a backlog of reports on the abandoned vehicle list, and providing detailed information to ONE of the approved reporting tools will help the Traffic Division more efficiently investigate reports given their reduced resources.
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