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Vehicles regularly parking in fire lane Acknowledged

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The location is the area in between 6 and 8 Lawrence Drive. Princeton Facilities vehicles regularly park in this area, despite the signs saying "No parking - loading and unloading only." I'm assuming this area is supposed to be kept open to provide fire access to the apartment buildings further in, my apologies if this is not actually a fire lane or a fire issue.

I go for a run every weekday morning at 8 AM and, lately, the number of vehicles being parked in this area has increased. There were five vehicles this morning, with the two vehicles featured in the attached photo completely blocking any fire access to further in to the apartment complex. One of the offices for the apartment complex is near by, which I think is why so many people park there.

I would bring this up with Princeton Facilities, but in the past when I brought up the issue when it was less severe (only two vehicles parking in the area) it only fixed things for about three days before Princeton University vehicles started parking in the area again.

There is a nearby parking lot, so there are plenty of parking options.


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