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My concern is about the section of the street just west of the last roundabout (intersection of Rosemary, Hillsborough, and Shepard), near Reader’s Corner and Subconscious. Here is my question: Is there any way to install traffic calming to the west of this roundabout?

First, cars often blast out of the roundabout, jamming down on the gas pedal with gusto, creating a huge noise, especially for cars with loud exhausts or big trucks. Drivers who are frustrated by the fabulous multi-modal infrastructure that spans much of the Street are often eager to floor it out of the last roundabout. In addition to the loud noise, there are a number of safety concerns. Second, there is the pedestrian crossing on the west side of the roundabout, and cars often come close to plowing through pedestrians far too many times. Third, this is where the bike lanes end, and so bikes and cars are not competing for space. Fourth, with future developments happening further west down Hillsborough St., towards Meredith College, it seems smart to start thinking about extending the improvements toward that area, in the hopes of attracting future residents who would appreciate the type of multi-modal, pedestrian/bike friendly infrastructure that we see on the rest of the St.

I will leave it to the professionals to decide what is the best form of traffic calming in this area, though I not-so-secretly hope that the wonderful infrastructure that runs to the east of this roundabout might be extended as far as possible down Hillsborough St.

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