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There are now three (3) separate tents with attendant piles of stuff on the block of Hearst Avenue between Milvia and MLK,Jr. Way. This is in direct violation of the local ordinance restricting encampments in residential areas. In addition, these tents/piles are obstructing the sidewalk and in one case, continually spilling into the street and bike lane. One tent is directly next to the North Berkeley Senior Center at the corner of MLK, Jr. Way. Another is a bit further east on the same side of the street (north) and the pile of stuff that has been present for over one year is further east of that one. The tent at the corner of MLK, Jr. Way has been there for at least two days without removal, and it appears that this has emboldened another urban camper to erect a second one. At this rate, that stretch of Hearst will become overrun with tents and piles of stuff. This is all within a residential area, directly across the street from homes and adjacent to Ohlone park where there are play structures and a tot land. Please immediately remove these tents and piles. This is a clear public health hazard, a violation of the ban on encampments in residential areas, a clear violation of the quantity of things permitted on public sidewalks, a clear obstruction of public sidewalks, etc., etc. What is it going to take to get this stuff removed?!!!!


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