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Trash & garbage in wetland Acknowledged

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My apologies for this long story.

I'm writing about the wooded area bordered on Bridle Path Circle, Pelissier Circle, and Warren St. Including 24 Bridle Path Circle (the apartment building where I reside), there are four apartment complexes on Bridle Path Cir. bordering the woods, and also some single-family houses at the end Pelessier Cir.

People (I don't know if tenants or others) throw trash and garbage into the woods. My apartment windows are about 40 ft. from a kettle pond in the woods, and I've had to put up with the trash at least since last October when I wrote to 21st Century Town meeting and the Town Council about this.

In reply I heard that things were being done about this, for health and also conservation reasons; and much later the management of my building sent someone around to clear the trash that fell within the property line. I was also informed that Randolph does not own the wetland area.

But in general things have gotten worse, though at least there's no trash being left within the property line of 24 Bridle Path Cir.

I've refrained from bringing this up again during the winter and spring, while the kettle pond behind my windows is full and I don't expect that anyone would want to wade into it to collect the trash. But maybe this problem could be taken seriously this spring and summer?

Have other residents/building owners noticed garbage having been thrown into the woods?
Who is the owner of the parcel, and would s/he be liable for not looking after it?
Is it possible that abutters could collectively preserve the parcel?

Thanks, ed agro

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