High Weeds or Property not Maintained at a Private Residence or Commercial Facility La Kaydiiyey

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City of Gallup


Parks and Recreation Issue


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trash, blighted property


Once again, at the top high South corner of Hillcrest Cemetery, near the white metal arch and cross, the land is being used for a dump site. There are a variety of items, such as an old tire, a child's swimming pool etc. Please have them removed. Also in front of the white metal cross, lots of trash has blown into that area and needs to be cleaned. Thank you.

  • PZ1-CS (La Caddeeyey Rasmi ah)

  • PZ4-NL (La Caddeeyey Rasmi ah)

  • PZ4-NL (La Caddeeyey Rasmi ah)

  • La qiray PARK2-DP (La Caddeeyey Rasmi ah)

  • Beanie (Isticmaale Diiwaangashan)

  • La xidhay PARK2-DP (La Caddeeyey Rasmi ah)

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