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Crosswalk and Pedestrian Signage Needed for to Alert Drivers and Calm Traffic Acknowledged

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A crosswalk has been needed for years at the intersection of 55th Street and Dover, between MLK and Shattuck Avenue. Cars drive at advanced speeds and pass other cars since the street is quite wide (even with the addition of the bike lanes neighbors suggested). Due to its location between several freeway on and off ramps, along with the street's width, drivers treat this stretch of road as a freeway extension. At the residential intersection of 55th and Dover, residents and neighborhood visitors and Children's Hospital Oakland employees (often children and seniors) routinely cross to reach the hospital, the popular Dover Street Park (@Dover/59th), the North Senior Oakland Senior Center, CHORI, and the bus stops (two well-used AC Transit lines run down 55th Street) on either side of the street. Although not a formal bike route, Dover Street is also heavily utilized by bicyclists. Crossing for pedestrians and bikers is often an impossible task due to the lack of signage and a steady stream of speeding cars (some passing other cars in the oncoming lane at even higher speeds). It is particularly difficult to cross during the winter, when residents coming home from work must disembark from buses and try to cross the street after dark (and sometimes in the rain). Pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers would benefit greatly from a large reflective thermoplast crosswalk and reflective signage at 55th/Dover to alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians (particularly children and seniors) for whom they should slow down.

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