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Notice the sidewalk ramp is missing on Island Crest Way northbound @ SE 44th St. For cyclist (kids especially) they are diverted into ICW's car lane and in the morning that can get dangerous if drivers or cyclists aren't paying attention and merges. I recall there was a ramp so the bike line on the southern parts of ICW can offload cyclists on to the sidewalk instead of merging with car traffic when ICW splits into 2 lines. Please look into it, with biking season coming up would hate to hear news of accidents on ICW..

- Stewart Wang

also asked...
Q. Location - Where is the location of the issue?
A. Island Crest Way and SE 44th Street
Q. Please provide a general description of the issue.
A. ICW northbound curb ramp missing?
Q. Can you please provide an estimate size of the lift?
A. 6ft

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