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So everything reported and marked UNFOUNDED in your system is really unfounded and closed or trying to make it go away from public view ?????? I don't see how SANCA is really wanting and trying to be in compliance when this goes back over 7 months and Mr. Osterhoudt met with SANCA in September and to date they are not able to submit the required information to the County. All citizens would like to be able to just do what they want with no repercussions as long as they SAY they really want to comply. Actions speak louder than words. SANCA is not going to get permits for the large blue shipping containers and the piles of outdoor storage as they have already been told they are not allowed but yet they want to be in compliance but WILL NOT remove those items that they have already been told will not be approved.

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Q. Type of issue?
A. Junk/Trash/Debris

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