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HART Arrival Times/Schedules


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Once again how is it that Brandon is on the way to Sligh Aveneu and Bird Avenue? I was picked up after 3:30, that there is a late pick up, then someone gets picked up from the base going to Sligh Avenue and Bird Avenue. Then another customer gets picked up at Memorial Hospital in South Tampa who is getting dropped off on Fowler Avneue.

My appointment time is 5:45pm. I have somewhere to be at 6pm. I have a g.d friend picking me up at my home at 5:45pm. Here it is 5:03pm and I am still on Fowler Avenue; what is it that you'll don't understand?

The nerve of you all with your board meeting. The satisfaction information was incorrect because there is no way in the world that I am the only one going across country trying to get home. Tell me something what is the sense of putting in an appointment time to get to your destination if it is not going to be adhered to?

This is outrageous!!

Edwina Johnson

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