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North Towne

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road safety


Northdale tore up because of the Jamison Projects heavy equipment running over it

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Q. Please briefly describe the situation and provide the names or physical description of the key players.
A. Northdale is breaking down somewhat because Crestline drove their heavy machery down it. The Jamison Ditch project goes silverdale to northdale to spicer and then up southdale. I'm not sure why they brought the heavy equipment down Northdale and not just down Southdale since they were replacing that street completely
Q. Does this activity typically occur at a certain time of the day or day of the week?
A. during Project hours
Q. Where would you like the speed limit or weight limit to be enforced?
A. It's to late the damage is done to the street. Maybe the Jamison Ditch project could resurface Northdale.

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