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Parking Enforcement


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Center Square




This dangerous and illegal parking situation has been allowed go continue since Kitchen 216 opened. There is no parking on the East side of Lark, yet the whole block is always filled with cars, sometimes even double parked. Buses can't pass, emergency vehicles are delayed, and cars and bikes are forced into the oncoming traffic lane because rude individuals can't walk a block to park legally to pick up their food. And if the owners were any kind of responsible business people and good neighbors they would be a part of the solution by telling customers not to park illegally and posting a sign to that effect on their business. That's what it means to be a part of a community. Why choose this location if you couldn't care less about the neighborhood and don't have the parking lot that would clearly serve your business a lot better? Poor planning as a business owner, but that doesn't excuse Kitchen 216, Parking Enforcement, Councilman Conti, the Lark BID and the rest of the people who could address this issue and don't. Enough is enough. It isn't like the reasons why this area is declining are a secret. They are in plain sight and the people who could address it don't care any more than the people creating the issues. Time for new leadership all the way around.

also asked...
Q. What is the enforcement concern?
A. No Parking
Q. If possible, please briefly describe the situation.
A. Dangerous illegal parking
Q. What is the vehicle make and model? (Ex: Ford sedan)
A. Many
Q. What color is the vehicle?
A. Many
Q. What is the vehicle license plate number and state?
A. Many


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