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City of Tukwila


Illegal Parking


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I noticed an SUV parked on the side of my house , it's been there 3 days. I have a suspicion it's stolen and was dumped there . I didn't see who was driving it , I also don't think it's an emergency so I am just using this to report it. If Tukwila PD needs my ID , I am working right down the street from my house @ 12404 42nd AVE S. 98168.

I close this store so I will be here until I have to close @ 8:00 pm in a few hours , otherwise you can knock on my door since the car is parked on the side of my house . - Thanks

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D. Is the vehicle on public or private property?
R. Public
D. Has the vehicle been in the same location for more than 24 hours?
R. Yes
D. What is the vehicle make, model and color?
R. Silver / Grey SUV. With it's front license plater partially damaged and not visible. The license plate on the rear is fine but I am not home , so I cannot provide much information other than where the vehicle is at on the side of my house.

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