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Right most lane of 295S is exit only at E Capitol, but this is not signed clearly enough. Many unfamiliar drivers get in the right lane when there traffic only to slam on the brakes last minute when they realize it's exit only. There are two signs for this exit that indicate it: one directly over the exit itself, which says "Exit Only" in the standard yellow stripe, but is hidden from view by trees until you are almost right under it; and one about 1000 ft before, which says "Exit Only", but without the standard yellow stripe that drivers will recognize. The second sign should have the stripe added to get the attention of drivers who aren't looking to exit, and additional signs should be added on the right side of the road clearly indicating the lane is exit only. Lane markings saying Exit Only on the roadway might also help. This can cause a safety issue when drivers either stop very short upon realizing it or simply block the exit in traffic trying to force their way back into the through traffic lanes.

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