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At the intersection of Washtenaw and Hill (near The Rock), there are consistently backups in the left lane because people are waiting to turn left onto Hill.

These backups not only impede traffic flow on Washtenaw, they also are dangerous because people frantically swerve into the right lane to avoid waiting for the left turners. They cut people off and frequently cause further backups. The main issue and safety hazard with this practice, however, is Angell Elementary School's entrance.

The entrance is a short distance from the Washtenaw/Hill intersection on the right. So when these people frantically shift over to the right lane to avoid Hill left turners, they then slam on their brakes to wait for people turning right into the school.

It's extremely dangerous with all the last minute lane shifting back and forth that people do to avoid these turners. I request a no left turn sign on Washtenaw so people can't turn left onto Hill there.

I appreciate your consideration of this request in observance of the safety of Ann Arbor drivers.

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