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Dear SeeClickFix,

This property is in violation of numerous city and state codes and laws. According to Richmond's own Permit Inquiry system, it is evident that this property has not been inspected in the past 6 months, in clear violation of city code (

More importantly, this building permit has been open since 2008, in CLEAR violation of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code, which places a 3 year limitation on construction projects. How is this allowed to remain open? The State code clearly indicates that a permit should be revoked unless "substantial or significant" progress is made on the project. After six years (double the amount of time allowed), this owner has managed to erect a rudimentary foundation, an illegal fence, and numerous piles of trash. No reasonable person would consider this "substantial or significant"... Why is this allowed to stand? Who continues to approve this abomination?

I've lost count of how many laws, codes, and city ordinances this property violates. Why hasn't this permit been revoked? Why is this allowed to continue? This owner clearly has no respect for the law.... why are the upstanding citizens of an otherwise excellent neighborhood being punished for his negligence?

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