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For many years now, two gentlemen and neighbors have maintained a “no man’s land”, of sorts, to the south of Lakewood Parkway in the NNE. The area is thick with leaves in the Fall and often in the Spring too, so it really needs to be maintained.

My two neighbors, now in their 80’s, should not be needing to care for this greenbelt. Typically after Bruce, the fellow in the photo, rakes the area his sidekick, Pat, at some point will drive his truck slowly along the curb so that the debris can be tossed into it. This is so dangerous for them and now that there is only one traffic lane it is even more precarious as commuters try maneuver around them.

A couple of years ago I took a photo and put it on “See Click Fix” to ask your department to do something about a dangerous built up of road dirt on green belt that is very precarious to walk over and was also becoming more and more dangerous for my two neighbors doing their good deed. The response to my “See Click Fix” report indicated that something would happen but nothing ever did.

I think a solution needs to be found before these two dear men get hurt. I took the photo’s below today so very soon the debris will be needing to get picked up.

Please let me know what you might consider doing.

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