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Pothole / Road Surface Issue Acknowledged

1130 Serpentine Dr S St. Petersburg, FL 33705, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Many areas in Pink Streets south St Pete hsve very bad road conditions such as the one in this picture. I was given a flyer last year that this would be repaired by January and this is now April. The drainage culvert has been sinking steadily after being reported last year. Where is my tax money being spent? Not on the roads in my area. 1130 Serpentine Drive South

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Q. Location of pothole?
A. 1130 Serpentine Drive South
Q. Describe the roadway surface where the pothole is located:
A. concrete
Q. Is this another roadway surface issue, like raised or slipping asphalt?
A. yes
Q. If yes, please describe the surface issue:
A. Numerous cracks and was filled with epoxy years ago as a quick fix. Never worked.

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