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Pine Oaks Trailer Park Lot 5. Tenants were evicted and structure condemned and scheduled for demolition. For weeks multiple squatters (approx 5 different people) and vagrants have been living in the yard and empty trailer leaving garbage everywhere in the public alley. Constant people fighting and swearing outside daily. Pets are also living in the space. People living in lean-to structure in yard and in small utility shed in back. Today someones laundry is out to dry in front of condemned trailer. Pictures are the view from public alley. Garbage is everywhere up and down alley and in Durango parking lot all coming from this lot. Multiple complaints filed against this park by surrounding residents and business owners and nothing is ever done!

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Q. What are you reporting?
A. Vacant/Boarded/Open structures
Q. Is the reported address your home or business address?
A. No


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