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tree, animal problem


A nearby neighbor has mulched and planted banana trees (possibly to discourage dogs) between the curb and City easement, as well as installed 15 foot boards to (possibly) support the banana trees. There was an accident in that area a year ago, and resident is afraid of the possibility of another. She reported situation to Codes Enforcement. She was told the issue was a building permit matter. However, Building Permits informed her they only do new construction. In addition, the neighbor informed Building Permits they were putting in a garden. Even if true, they cannot plant a garden on City property. This resident has cancer, and feels she's being given the run around trying to get someone to take action on this.

Reported by Elaine Knowles
4010 SW 30th TR
Gainesville, FL
(352) 672-7088

also asked...
Q. Please describe the potential code-related issue.
A. Infringement on City property
Q. Is this issue related to a rental property?
A. No

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