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1601 - 1621 First Street NW, Washington, DC Hiển thị trên Bản đồ Ẩn Bản đồ
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There is a need for zoned parking signage on First Street, NW between Q St. and Florida Avenue, NW. I am told we cannot have the signage because of the park on the corder of First Street and Florida Avenue, NW. But most of the streets around us have signage which limits where we can park. Parking is on one side of the street, and not on the side where the houses are. We have several senior citizens, some persons with disabilities and parents who have small children who need to be able to park in our block close to our homes. Our block only accomodates 13 cars. We have nine houses in this block, so we should have first priority for parking. Why should people visiting the park have a right to park longer than 2 hours preventing us from parking? People from other streets and other states park in this block which makes it necesary for us to have to park on other streets many times. There should be an exception to the rule in a case like this. Another option, would be to have parking on both sides of the street and designate the other side as zoned parking.

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