IPhone 7+ stolen Wednesday April 18th 2019 Open

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Hi, my name is Tiana Harlan, I stay in Bridgeton Mo. My iPhone 7 plus was stolen last Wednesday from Ferguson community center.I have a flimsy case on it thats customized with my face and my brothers face on it, on the lock screen is a picture of my friend on some steps and it has fairly small scratch on it, in the back of the case is a pair of black eyelashes(or was) the iPhone is rose gold. My phone doesn't has service because I was I the process of switching phone companies and it was originally with straight talk when I got it from my sister. I tried doing the "find my iPhone" from my Mac book and it couldn't work because my phone had no service but about 15 minutes later the person who took it notified me because they were trying to get into my iPhone and the locator pin pointed the phone to Ballwin Mo. I emailed the Baldwin police department about my phone to let them no it was stolen and in their area. I was unable to access my laptop for a few days so I didn't see their email until today, but they sent it five days ago. I was told to contact the Ferguson police department and to give you al my serial number to my phone, which is (F2LTG28QHG003) I have the IMEI number also. You all can email me back at monaeharlan14@gmail.com, or contact me at 314-571-8618.


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