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I am a bike commuter who travels from West Oakland to Berkeley every day, and I spend 1.5 miles on Adeline twice a day (between 35th and 61st).

In the past year(+), I was overjoyed to see a road diet happen here. There's never much traffic following Adeline, and four lanes was overkill. It's great to have a dedicated bike lane!

I was particularly happy with the signal timing that was in place for much of last year at the Adeline/Market/57th intersection. The light would automatically give ~25 second intervals to traffic on Adeline and Market. It would only turn green for 57th if there was traffic there, which was rare. Since I was approaching the intersection on the long, flat stretch of Adeline, I could easily and gently speed up or slow down to hit a green light every time. This was perfect!

Unfortunately, late last year, it seems that the signal has been reconfigured to turn green, only when an automobile is present at the intersection. This means that unless a car is already waiting at the red light when I approach the intersection, I have to come to a complete stop, and wait for a car to approach from the same direction to trigger a green light. This adds time and effort to my ride, and is a step backward for myself, and other bicycle riders. If a car does not come, I have no choice but to put myself at risk by running the red light--something I would rather not do.

Please consider reverting the behavior and timing of the lights at this intersection.

Or, please install facilities for triggering a green light from a bicycle.
In the meantime, please label the intersection to inform other bicycle riders that it is not possible for them to trigger a green light.

Miles Lincoln

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Q. Which calming/safety device are you requesting?
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