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Dangerous Lane Changing During Morning Rush Hour Open

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UPDATE on problem: 11/11/12:
The problem has not improved.

The number of morning rush-hour drivers illegally staying in the left-turn only lanes on West Chester Pike at Lawrence Road and then suddenly switching across the solid white line into the right and left lanes of West Chester Pike in order to enter the northbound Blue Route entrance is a dangerous problem. Sometimes these drivers switch all the way from the left turning lane across all lanes of traffic to get onto the Blue Route going northbound right in the middle of the busy intersection there at the Blue Route entrance and Lawrence Road. Not only is this rude and inconsiderate, it causes danger for drivers in ALL lanes at this intersection, including those sitting and waiting to turn left onto Lawrence Road. These rule breakers think their convenience is more important than everyone else's physical safety, and you can see the results in the number of accidents that occur at this intersection. My car was totaled in the left-turn lane almost two years ago while I was sitting stopped in traffic because some idiot up ahead had come to a complete stop right in the middle of the left-turn only lane to try to switch over to the regular lanes. The person behind me rear-ended me because he didn't expect traffic to be stopped so far back in the turn lane. The solid white line that divides these two left turn lanes from the other lanes of West Chester Pike means that it is ILLEGAL to switch lanes there, people. Perhaps PennDOT needs to put up those yellow stick barriers between the two left turn lanes and the other West Chester Pike lanes leading up to this dangerous intersection in order to FORCE people to follow the rules of the road. Or if that can't be done, maybe they should raise the fines for doing this at this intersection and then enforce the rules by ticketing these dangerous drivers.

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