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These trees overhang 76th Ave SE and are into the power lines. Unknown whether the property owner or the City is responsible for trimming them back out of the power lines.

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Q. Location - Where is the tree located?
A. 76th Ave SE
Q. Type of tree - (evergreen, deciduous, known varietal)
A. Deciduous
Q. Species Name?
A. Crabapple
Q. What size is the tree (approximately)?
A. 10 feet
Q. Do you know if the tree is located on public or private property?
A. Unknown
Q. Is there an immediate hazard? Is the tree impacting travel or blocking a roadway?
A. no
Q. Are power lines or any other utility lines impacted?
A. yes
Q. What is the approximate location of the issue in relation to property-front, side, back etc.., proximity to residence
A. property-front
Q. Have you called a landscaper, arborist, or other contractor for assistance?
A. Yes
Q. What type of defect is visible (broken limb, tree uprooted, crack, rot)?
A. none
Q. What damage is anticipated if the tree falls?
A. power lines will go down
Q. Is this an urgent safety hazard?
A. No
Q. Was the tree assessed or marked previously?
A. Unknown

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