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Sidewalk or curbing maintenance


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There is a tear-down/construction at 150 Linden Lane. The back of the property abuts Franklin Avenue near JW Middle School, across from Westminster Choir College parking lot. This residential construction project has led to a complete break in the sidewalk in order to provide a "driveway"/access to the property/construction from the back of the Linden Lane property such that students walking or biking to JW or PHS have to divert on to an already ridiculously busy street to go around the break/blockage of the sidewalk. This morning during the busiest time of traffic heading to PHS and JW, there was a large truck delivering wood parked on Franklin behind 150 Linden that blocked traffic ON TOP OF the sidewalk disruption. This is completely unacceptable and it's amazing that the town would approve this access to the back of the property when it blocks a sidewalk that students of the two centralized public schools in Princeton use to get to school, given the municipality's emphasis on biking and walking vs driving. The sidewalk needs to be restored immediately. There is a pile of dirt on the Linden Lane side (no sidewalk) that could be removed for access for construction vehicles. There is no reason that because the property has an "open" backyard that the construction access cannot be restricted to the front of the property o Linden Lane. Again, it's astounding that the town would approve the disruption of a sidewalk on Franklin Ave used by students of the public schools, when there is access on the Linden Lane side of the house where no sidewalk exists. Please rectify this now.

also asked...
Q. Is it in front of a residence or business?
A. It is on a heavily used route for students of JW and PHS ie the back of the property has sidewalk and experiences much greater usage than the front
Q. Is this near tree?
A. no

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