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In this building, we have reserved parking for residents. Each resident with a reserved parking place is given a specific, numbered, space, and a sticker for our vehicles. These parking spaces are clearly marked. In the past, the Fall River Housing Authority allowed residents to call the tow truck directly whenever a car was in our reserved space. Not long ago, the city council forced residents to call the police in order to have cars ticketed or towed. Maybe the city council figured that this would bring in more money for the city, except for the fact that the police either don't show up when called or refuse to tag or tow offending vehicles! If I parked my car in the mayor's driveway, you can bet that I'd be tagged or towed in a matter of minutes, but the poor, elderly, and handicapped of this city aren't afforded that same level of protection. Please restore our rights to have cars towed from our reserved spaces, or find a way to get the police to wake up and do their jobs!


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