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I can’t believe I have to resort to posting on this sight to get my message across to my fellow neighbors. Please find something better to do with your time than complain about my bus or any other vehicles parked on the block. It’s petty and juvenile and costs money. There are 10 houses on The Alpine dead end and out of those 10, my house is one of 2 without a driveway. Every single house has a driveway except myself and my next door neighbor and yet, for some odd reason people find the need to complain about one of my vehicles on a constant basis. Allow me to clear the air for all of you, the vehicle is legal, it is insured legally and also, due to the model and weight it is actually not considered commercial. I actually am a commercial driver and have been for a long time so I have a pretty good understanding of the laws regarding commercial vehicles. I’ve taken the vehicle to the dmv for inspections in the past when it was required and also for the initial registration and in accordance with the regulations of the NJ Dept. Of transportation this vehicle is nothing more than a van. Is it ugly? Yes it is. Is it harmful to others? Absolutely not, it is as dangerous as any other vehicle on the road. Frankly it is quite a bother to both myself as well as the KPD (who actually had me move it to Alpine from Chestnut where it was originally parked since 2007) to deal with the constant ramblings of entitled people with nothing better to do than complain about parking that they don’t even need because they have driveways! Nobody owns the block and whoever wants to park can park, we ALL pay taxes, not just you. What drives me absolutely nuts is that I am very polite and friendly with every neighbor on the block and I myself have even apologized to the neighbors for having this vehicle on our small block and every single person has said “Oh it’s not a problem”. I’m a simple and peaceful person and all you have to do is come ring my bell and if you need to park I have no problem moving my vehicle, trust me, walking a few feet won’t kill me. I’m sure this issue will persist until I finally get rid of the bus which will probably not be for at least a few more months. I just wanted to express this issue in a way that some of the more passive aggressive phony people of Kearny choose to communicate.
In closing I would like to ask that whoever you are, please get a life or come talk to me about it like an adult. My piece of “garbage” as you so eloquently put it, is not harming you, taking your parking (since you all have driveways) or costing you money. It is perfectly legal as per the rules and regulations of the NJ motor vehicle commission as well as the department of transportation. All you do when you call is annoy me as well as the police and occasionally cost me money like the other day when I had to pay a ticket and a tow for no reason considering the bus was back in a few hours. Again, it’s not hurting anyone or costing you money, but you are costing me and my family money and that’s not cool. Like I said, the bus has been in this town since 2007 when I purchased it and I have never had a problem until recently. Get a life or grow a set. Ball is in your court, you know where to find me, I’ll be the guy in the ugly white super legal bus/van/garbage...

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