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Traffic Signal Malfunctioning


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a steel bicycle is not enough to trip the sensor travelling from highwoods Blvd to Wolfpack lane. to make things worse, the oncoming traffic from Wolfpack lane turn left on to Atlantic gets a green but bike traffic attempting to go straight will never get a green. this intersection has some form of unique timing because as you can see from the screenshot there is a sign that says "oncoming traffic may have extended green". the intersection is optimized for those users but if you don't trip the sensor you will never get a green light. I waited through several changes and never had a green light. even more, there's no crosswalk or button that I would normally resort to. I couldn't even legally run the red as is allowed after waiting through several cycles because of the high traffic on Atlantic. I lived in Brentwood for years and would bike this route on my way to North hills. the signaling at this intersection has been broken for a long time in this way.

also asked...
Q. What is the type of signal?
A. Vehicular
Q. Please describe the nature of the issue. (i.e timing, signal head twisted, etc)
A. inductive loop not responsive and unfair timing


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