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The new lights at Daffin Park tennis courts are misaligned. The middle of the outside courts are shadowed and everything isn’t properly lit. You need to get the work crew out there AT NIGHT when it’s dark and they can actually see what they’re aiming the lights at. Both this location and the Bacon Park Tennis Complex lights suffer from the same poor decision making of having the workers aim them during the day and hoping they’re right. How that makes any logical sense is beyond me. Pay someone the overtime or give them the day off and night on and have them do the proper maintenance AT NIGHT and fix this issue once and for all! This isn’t rocket science, you can’t aim lights in daylight, simple fact, unless you’re using green lasers and quadrant guides and I seriously doubt the City of Savannah is doing that. The workers are guessing and they’re guessing WRONG. Everyone pays a lot of money to play on these courts at both of these complexes and I don’t think it’s too much to ask to get some proper lighting installed and configured. Now please just do it.


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