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Traffic Markings


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The lack of traffic signs to indicate traffic direction is extremely dangerous at the North side of Greenbriar and I-59. There are 5 lanes of traffic where many accidents and near accidents occur regularly. Heading south, the left 3 lanes of Farnham St have cars that try to cross far right sometimes across 4 lanes for the feeder lane while the right lanes from Greenbriar awkwardly split before merging again close to 59 and cars from the far right try to cross to the far left across many lanes of traffic. Double turn lanes are available on each side of the street but they are too low and crooked so that no one can see them in time to avoid unnecessary lane changes. The traffic markings on the road have faded, and there are no signs high by the traffic light.

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Q. What is your area of concern?
A. No Markings - Traffic Markings.
Q. Why is this a concern?
A. Cars do not know that Greenbriar is a one way street as witnessed in the picture. I have witnessed a motor vehicle collision with a car spun onto the Audi dealership grounds. Traffic during rush hour is awful and dangerous. Please improve the signage or better yet, find a better way to merge Greenbriar and Farnham Street to help make our streets safer. Thank you.
Q. What type of pavement marking are you concerned about?
A. Left or Right Turn Arrow
Q. What direction were you traveling?
A. South


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