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Squatters in stairwells 220 Montgomery St/ Ebbets Field Apts Open

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Currently for the past 3-4 weeks there has been 2-4 squatters sleeping in the stairwell of 220 Montgomery Street on the 22nd floor. Management & Security have been made aware of this situation however they continue to keep coming back. Last week and today, as far as i know, the 71st Pct has been called out to have them removed but they continue to keep coming back. Management needs to work better on handling this situation before the worst outcome could possibly happen. Today when the cops spoke with the squatters and had them leave, they only walked them to the elevator but my concern/question is how do they know they left the premises or if they just took the elevator down to another floor and squatted on a lower floor until they felt the close was clear.

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