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Speeding or Overweight Vehicle Concern Acknowledged

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Often people use California to get to Bennett or Detroit. Doing so they very often go over 25mph. We no longer enjoy walking and riding bikes as a family through the neighborhood or even allowing our children in the front yard. We have called the non emergency line and was told sometimes there are officers that do radar but haven’t seen any. Anything over 25mph on any residential street should really not be acceptable. Kids are often crossing the streets to get to their bus stops and with summer coming they will be out more often walking through. I witness a car almost hit a child playing basketball and just speed off. We want to see this cracked down on. I sat on my porch and watched a blue truck with a Harley Davidson sticker on the back tailgate a slower driver that seemed to be doing the speed limit. It’s unacceptable and we want this cracked down on BEFORE someone is injured.

also asked...
Q. Please briefly describe the situation and provide the names or physical description of the key players.
A. people using California blvd to get to Detroit or Bennett
Q. Does this activity typically occur at a certain time of the day or day of the week?
A. 7AM-9AM
Q. Where would you like the speed limit or weight limit to be enforced?
A. California blvd

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