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City of St. Petersburg


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trash, bad driving


The individual living here is Neal Alan Kinzie. He purchased the property in 2011. He says his parent own it but I have seen him doing illegal work over the years. There are two small children living at this house. He made fences 6 feet in front and are supposed to be no taller than 3 feet, see fences to the right and left. He put up the tall fences to make it like a compound but it is full of debris in the yard. Im concerned for the children and looks like he is going to rent out the property also. The fences in this neighborhood are supposed to reflect the period historical kenwood, right? Or on the verge but the fence codes apply. This individual should not get by with illegal construction, illegal parking, junk in yard, and illegal construction to the interior and exterior of the structure. He owns Orangeland Enterprises LLC. Previously Foursi LLC, LLC. He has already a charge for illegal advertising cor unlicensed contractor work.

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Q. What are you reporting?
A. Fence issue
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A. No

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