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Theodore Wirth Parkway 300 Feet North Of Mcnair Show on Map Hide Map
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Willard Hay

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This section of road is by far the worst in the whole city it has been reported probably close to a hundred times in the last year and no action is ever taken.... what was once a small 200 foot section of extremely rough road has now become a whole Parkway in disrepair. Theodore Wirth Parkway is an extremely bad shape from Highway 55 all the way to Lowry Avenue North there has been no reel repairs done in the last year and a half. What is it going to take to finally get something done about this?

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Q. Enter the address or intersection closest to the pothole location
A. The whole stretch of Theodore Wirth Parkway from Highway 55 all the way to Lowry Avenue North is in extremely bad shape especially the section near McNair..
Q. Location of pothole?
A. Driving Lane
Q. Describe the Issue
A. there issue is the city has abandoned the parkway! There are Easily over 500 potholes. There has to have been at least a hundred complaints over the last year and yet nothing ever gets fixed? I know I've reported it myself more than five times...
Q. Estimate length and width of the pothole
A. various
Q. How deep is the pothole?
A. Deep (> 3")

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