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Hello. I recently learned of this capital project in the parade ground to reconstruct the paved pathways of the parade grounds. I contacted the liaison for the project to bring up some concerns that myself and many members of the community have brought up numerous times to see if we could have them considered in the redesign. They told me I should go through our community board, so I am reporting it here. Our immediate concerns specifically are: 1) that the containers blocking the pedestrian path on the western path through the parade ground are moved. 2) that paths for motorized vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles are clearly marked on the western path, and 3) that the drainage by the flag pole is fixed. The western path is the only path that leads to a traffic light across Parkside ave. and flat entrance to prospect park all the way down to Ocean Ave. As such it is one of the most heavily used corridors for accessing the park for people in our neighborhood. The infrastructure and condition of this corridor has been long neglected and is not serving our needs. Now there is money and a team working on this. We want to make sure these concerns are being met as part of this capital project. Thank you.

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