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School children crossing at S curve on Shadeland Ave, La Kaydiiyey

Shadeland Ave. "S" Curve Area Ka Muuji Khariidadda Qari Khariidadda
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The DHMS students walking home on Shadeland Ave think its a great idea to run across the street and play tag or "chicken" with each other right around the "S" curve area. This is so dangerous! Someone not familiar with this area is going to take that curve too fast one day and run a kid over because they think it's "fun" to dart across the street, and LAUGH when the cars have to stop for them. Now with some contractor trucks parked on the side of the street, hit hinders your view of that curve even more. If your child walks home this way, please talk to them about the dangers, but it would be great if UDPD could quietly monitor this area and see what I'm talking about. I would hate to hear we lost a child's life over something that hopefully can be corrected.

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