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Potholes Reconnu

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City of Detroit


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There is a huge pothole in this section of the ramp/highway. The section is in the area to merge from N I-75 to S. M-10.

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Q. Is the issue a pothole or a sinkhole?
A. Pothole
Q. Is the pothole on a road or a sidewalk?
A. Road
Q. What are the closest cross streets to the pothole?
A. I-75, service drive and M-10
Q. Approximately how many potholes are you reporting?
A. 2
Q. What is the approximate size of the pothole(s)?
A. 15 inches

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  • Reconnu DPW / Street Maintenance - BF (Représentant de la municipalité vérifié)

  • DPW / Street Maintenance - BF (Représentant de la municipalité vérifié)

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