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PROPERTY MAINT - Vacant\Abandoned\Dilapidated


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The house at this address is vacant and run down and grown up. Mrs. Hill lives next to this house. Her back door access is next to this house. The see snakes and giant rats all the time. She said there are drug users in and out and prostitutes. They are an older couple and her husband is hadicapped and they do not feel safe going in and out of their own house.

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Q. The structure is
A. Single Family
Q. Is issue visible from the street? If the issue cannot be seen from the street, we cannot address it unless, the reporter allows inspector on their property for viewing. You must be present with the inspector.
A. Yes
Q. Are there broken window panes?
A. Yes
Q. Are the doors open?
A. Yes
Q. Is there structural damage to the foundation, exterior walls, roof or roof covering material? Provide details in description box
A. No


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