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I am tired of this. How many times must this be reported??? Here we go again. This picture taken on 5-15-19 at 6:45 pm.. This case has a long history. Most recently 18-00020427. Issue ID: 5409065 It has been going on for 4 plus years since 8-3-2015. I see this last time you finally saw the truck there and sent a $40 fine. However, the certified mail was returned as "unclaimed". AND WITH THAT YOU THEN CLOSE THE CASE???? THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!! The owner has been to the city and received a warning from legal in 2015. After a while they just go back to their bad ways. This is also been a case - 15-00029393 - this has much history and yet the owner continues to park in the yard between the fence and the sidewalk. Many pictures submitted over the years. A car and a truck. Also case # 15-00011105. Per that case on 10-29-2015, done by jwmccart, owner went before legal at city and defendant received a lecture about parking on the grass from Heather in Legal and Judge at court. "Case should be monitored by investigator and Heather stated that
she will reasses row vs yp if it happens again."
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Same owner of property these 4 years and continues to park
blue pick-up in front yard between fence and sidewalk. Please inspect property after 5pm and on weekends. That is when most violations occur. Thank You!

also asked...
Q. What are you reporting?
A. Yard Parking
Q. Is the reported address your home or business address?
A. No


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