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Parks (Outdoor Facility Maintenance Issue)


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Generally, the City takes good care of its facilities. Thank you

However, in recent months the courts at Hembree Park have not been getting much love. It is my understanding that the courts will be resurfaced late summer - I hope that is the case still.

The Court 3 center strap was a couple of months ago and last week the broken cable on the court 3 net appears to have been replaced after I called last Thursday. Also, it appears some court rollers are back in service but still not enough to roll four courts for a match. Thank you.

Unfortunately ...

1) There are still three lights out (on courts 1, 3, 4) - initially reported last fall and reported twice since this year.

2) The poison ivy (fence along court 2 and 4) was not cleared in the winter when it was "dormant" so now it is invading thr court and not a good situation esp after a rain fall. There are also weeds coming up through the cracks in the courts.

3) The center net strap on court was rigged up by me with a carabiner clip and zip ties three months months ago - and it is still like that. All it needs is a double snap bolt - not a center strap. I would go to the hardware store and get one BUT the City Facility group should be monitoring the facility equipment periodically. :-)

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