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Water Quality (Taste / Odor / Color) Acknowledged

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Water Quality (Taste / Odor / Color)


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This morning we noticed the water in our toilets and faucets are murky.

There is water pipe upgrade work happening on our street. Per the chief operator, he said the usage of the water hydrant may have disturbed the sediment causing murkiness in our water. He recommended we inform the city.

None of our neighbors have this issue. We would like to get this issue inspected. Please help

also asked...
Q. How long have you noticed the change?
A. Since 5/17 7am
Q. Have you tried flushing your system?
A. Yes
Q. Have you had any construction, landscaping, or other work recently completed to your home?
A. No
Q. Color - what color is the water?
A. Muddy
Q. Smell - what does it smell like?
A. Light smell of sediment
Q. Appearance - is the water cloudy?
A. Yes
Q. Is both the hot water and cold water affected?
A. Yes


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