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Speeding or Traffic Complaints Acknowledged

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Speeding or Traffic Complaints


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There are two crosswalks on 144th fairly close together. They are across the street from SHAG Tukwila Village Buildings D & E. Also, Riverton Heights Apts. The one by Bldg D has flashing yellow lights and a loud recorded voice saying "Cauton, flashing yellow lights". The crosswalk by E Bldg and Riverton Heights has NO lights, etc and people almost get hit umpteen times a day!! Motorists are trying to catch a long light and don't even notice that crosswalk! People for the most part using the crosswalk with nothing are mostly Seniors on walkers, wheelchairs or are handicapped in some way. Someone is going to get run over there any day now. That crosswalk is dangerous for everyone using it. We DESPERTLY need higher visability at this crosswalk with the flashing yellow light and voice like the one not far from it. If you are waiting to cross the street cars just ignore you and drive right through the crosswalk. Please help before someone gets runover!!!!!


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