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As always a steady stream of speeding cars, trucks, massive tractor trailers and gravel slinging dump trucks from Dirt Tech and others make Home Ave a treacherous place to walk, bike and live.

Just this morning I witnessed a woman in a wheelchair almost get run over trying to cross Home Ave from the Market 32 side of the street to Wells Street.

I just witnessed (which prompted me to write this) a mostly blind woman with a marked walking stick get run off of the street and somehow avoid getting killed by a speeding truck. Traffic did not stop roaring by her (despite her holding out her cane) until I literally ran out of my house into the street and forced traffic to stop to let her cross. She said that people are supposed to stop when they see the cane.

Does this city not understand the amount of people who walk, take their wheelchair and ride their bike down and across Home Ave. It is a neighborhood street and yet it is used as a freeway to downtown and as a trucking route into town off of I-89. All day, constantly, city buses and Mountain transit buses from UVM Medical center roar down Home Ave, rarely with anyone in them. None of them are ever going 25 mph or below.

Huge dump trucks speed up and down Home Ave all day long slinging dust and pollution. Commuters and others line up in hour long traffic jams during the morning and evening commute.

If something is not done to calm, lessen and slow traffic on Home Ave someone will be run over. It is just a matter of time. There needs to be a sign showing how fast cars are going, a speed bump or something because forcing people to use a neighborhood street as a highway is not adequate city planning.

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A. crosswalk


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